Transcend Academy Of Rock Climbing



Test your mountaineering skills with this incredibly fun activity. The sheer thrill of a descent down the tallest rappelling facility in South India is sure to feed the adventure spirit in you!

Rappelling is done with the help of a rope that is passed through a sturdy artificial anchor at the top of the rock and through the belay device attached to a certified instructor. From the starting point of your climbing route, you will remain facing the rock, leaning back, and bracing your feet against the rock while you slowly feed the rope through your belay device to smoothly lower yourself down. All rappels would be backed-up by a secondary rope controlled by your instructor as well, making this a heart-pumping experience with minimum risk.

Safety Measures

Rock Climbing TARC

All our safety equipment is UIAA certified.

Rock Climbing TARC

All equipment and anchors are checked daily before anyone zips.

Transcend Academy Of Rock Climbing

Every guest receives a detailed safety brief.

Rock Climbing TARC

While zipping, you're supported 100% of the time by our certified trained instructors.

What our adventurers have to say

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