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Rock Climbing School, Bhongir

On the 6th of September, 2013, the Rock Climbing School at Bhongir was established by Shri Shekhar Babu Bachinepally and Shri Parmesh Kumar. Shekhar Babu, an accomplished mountaineer with successful climbs above 8000 meters, including Mount Everest, received the prestigious ‘Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award’ from the President of India. Parmesh Kumar, a seasoned outdoorsman with over 25 years in rock climbing, mountaineering, and adventure sports, co-founded the school.

The idea behind the Rock Climbing School was to cultivate the spirit of adventure in the Telugu states. After extensive exploration of potential locations, the monolithic rock formation in Bhongir was chosen for its natural features suitable for all training levels. Internationally acclaimed rock climbers were invited for a site visit, confirming Bhongir Rock as the ideal location. The government promptly approved the proposal, leading to the inauguration of the project. The school kicked off with a 1-Day Orientation Course for local schools in Bhongir, followed by an exhilarating free program for the town's youth, generating widespread excitement.

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