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Mt Aconcagua with the height of 6962m, in Argentina near its border with Chile, and the tallest mountain in South America continent. Not only that, the mountain has several other distinctions such as:

  • It’s the highest mountain in the western and southern hemispheres
  • It’s the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas &
  • It’s the second tallest mountain among the 7-Summits, after Mt.Everest

The climb of Mt.Aconcagua is a fantastic experience. One gets to see the best of the South American cultures and an imposing extreme high altitude climb that is a few meters short of 7000m. This peak often serves as a penultimate peak before one can climb the mighty 8000m peaks.

Aconcagua Transcend Academy Of Rock Climbing

Who Can Climb?

Climbing Mt.Aconcagua is an extremely challenging peak that tests the climber in all aspects. Though a non-technical climb, the sheer altitude of the peak along with the extreme high winds and rocky terrain, poses a challenge like no other.
To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of pre-requisites that are required to climb Mt.Aconcagua:

Physical Fitness:

Climbers are expected to have an exceptional level of physical fitness. Consistent, structured training specific to mountaineering over a period of 8-12 months will be an absolute requirement for anyone looking to climb this peak. One must be able to trek 6-8 hrs comfortably carrying a backpack weighing 10-15 kgs.

Mountaineering Experience:

Prior mountaineering experience will be essential for climbing Mt.Aconcagua. It is required by the climbers to have done several high altitude treks /climbs (3000m-5000m) before attempting this peak. For those who have already done a 6000m peak, will have an added advantage. Climebers are expected to be well versed in layering, acclimatization, camp-life & ability to stay in an alpine environment for 3-4 weeks.

Please check out our ‘Training’ page for custom programs for your climbs.

Tentative Climbing Itinerary

Arrival in Medoza We shall receive you at the airport in Mendoza (760m) and transfer to the hotel. Our guide will meet you at the hotel and brief you about the upcoming climb. You will spend the reminder of the time by visiting the local places of interest. Overnight stay at the hotel.
Drive to Penitentes Today we get on a 3-hr drive to Penitentes (2580m), a mountain village. Post lunch, we shall go on a short acclimatisation hike. Overnight stay in Lodge.
Hiking Period to Base Camp Post an early breakfast, we take quick drive from the lodge to be dropped off at the trailhead at Horcones Valley. From here we start our 3-4hr long hike to reach our first camp at Confluencia (3390m). The next morning we take an acclimatization hike to 4050m and return to Confluencia. On day 5 we hike to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas (4350m)
Rest & Load Ferry to Camp – 1
Today we take a complete day-off to allow our body to rest and recover from the hiking of the past few days. On Day-7 we go on an acclimatization hike to the nearby hill of Cerro Bonete (5004m). On Day-8 We carry the gear to Plaza Canadá (5050 m), our high camp. We drop the gear and return to the base camp, with the total time of 3-4hrs.
Rest Day
Rest day in Plaza de Mulas.
Move to Camp – 2
We hike from Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Canadá (5050 m), which take about 3-4 hrs.
Climb to Camp – 3
The climb from Plaza Canadá to Nido de Cóndores (5560 m) will take about 3-4 hrs with a heavy packs of 18-20 kg.
Climb to Camp – 4
The hike from Nido de Cóndores to Cólera (5970 m) will take about 3-4 hrs.
Summit Day
Summit day! We take an early start to reach the summit and back. It will take a total time of 8-12 hrs.
Reserve Days & Return to Base Camp
Reserve days are allotted for any inclement weather. We descend in about 2-4hrs from Camp-4 Cólera, all the way down to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas.
Descend to Horocones and Drive to Hotel
We start our trekn from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones valley, lasting about 6-7 hrs. This is followed by a 3-4 hour drive to the hotel.
Drop off at Air Port.

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    Mt.Aconcagua isa very challenging peak and it is not recommended for first-time climbers. Aspiring climbers are required to have atleast 2-3 climbs/treks varying between 3000-5000m. Having climbed a sub 6000m peak will be an added advantage
    It totally depends on the previous training history and experience of the climber. Regular hikers having and excellent level of fitness can attempt this peak with minimum preparation time of 6-8 months. For an absolute novice, a minimum of 8-12 months of consistent preparation is required. Visit our ‘Training’ page for more info
    All team meals will be served during the designated meal times. However, our dining hut will always be well stocked with hot beverages, ready to eat food items during the entire duration of the climb