Transcend Academy Of Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing

Pump up your adrenaline with this activity of climbing up the natural rock using nothing but your hands and feet. It is about working against gravity and testing your physical and mental strength. The exhilaration of completing your climb is guaranteed to leave you inspired and invigorated!

Rock climbing involves climbing up the rock to reach an endpoint or the summit of the rock with the aid of ropes and a harness. It is an activity that requires a certain amount of physical fitness and agility with the mental fortitude to conquer the climb. Our instructors are well-trained to help beginners to smoothly traverse and successfully reach the top while ensuring the perfect combination of fun and safety!

Safety Measures

Rock Climbing TARC

All our safety equipment is UIAA certified.

Rock Climbing TARC

All equipment and anchors are checked daily before anyone zips.

Transcend Academy Of Rock Climbing

Every guest receives a detailed safety brief.

Rock Climbing TARC

While zipping, you're supported 100% of the time by our certified trained instructors.


Wear comfortable clothing.

You can get protein bars or other snacks to keep you well-fed and energized.

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